1. Are the lenses original (made by Oakley, Ray Ban, Electric, Arnette Etc)

No. They are aftermarket lenses made to fit your sunglasses frames. All Lenses are manufactured by Sublime Optics.

Sublime Optics PTY LTD is not associated with sunglasses manufacturers such as Oakley, Ray Ban, Electric and Arnette. Any usage of these brands is for description purposes only. Our products are produced in Australia by Sublime Optics.

2. Are the frames included in the purchase?

All of our listings are for the replacement LENSES ONLY (no frames included). Frames are pictured for identification and reference.

3. How does the quality of your lenses compare to the manufacturer?

We have gone to great lengths to supply a product that we are confident you will be happy with as to how they compare to the manufacturer in regards to Durability, Quality, Appearance, Clarity All lenses come with a 60 Day no questions asked return policy. If the lenses you received are not to your expectation we happily accept returns and provide a full refund or exchange.

We back all of our products with a full 1 year replacement warranty. If any manufacturer defects occur during this time we will replace the lens at no additional cost.

4. How can i test if my lenses are polarized?

The easiest way of telling if a lens is polarized or not is holding it up to a LCD screen like a mobile phone PC Screen or TV and then rotate the lens.(clockwise or anticlockwise). You will see that it blacks it out at certain angles, then will go clear again. This does not happen with non polarized lenses.

Alternatively you can hold one polarized lens behind the other and rotate one of the lenses.

5. Will the lenses hide my eyes?

Yes, most of our lenses will (Black, and all the mirrored colours)

A little background information. The lower the VLT the darker it is eg 100% vlt is totally clear, while 0% vlt is totally NON see through. The lenses we supply are a VLT of 12-18% and is CAT3 which is an industry standard for most sunglasses lenses. CAT 3 lenses are the best for extreme sun conditions.

6. What is the best colour and shade for my needs?

Grey (Dark grey or BLACK)

Most popular. They do not distort colours, they reduce glare to provide day-long comfort, and reduce ultraviolet (UV) light to a safe level.

If you go to an eye doctor for a sunglass prescription, he'll most likely recommend Dark Grey/smoke lenses for general purpose use. The Military has been using Dark Grey/smoke lenses for over 45 years. However some other lens colours can provide sports specific attributes.

Most of the mirrored lenses we supply use a grey base lens.

Dark Brown:

A warmer, slightly brighter lens than the gray. Especially good at blocking the blue light commonly found in diffused light such as one might experience on a cloudy day. Brown/Amber can improve both contrast and depth perception, reduce glare and is a good all-around choice if you live in an area with changeable weather patterns. Brown is great for applications where distances need to be constantly judged, like tennis or golf or skiing or other sports requiring acute visual perception and contrast differentiation. Brown is also best for lower light situations, like fishing in the late afternoon or early morning. Brownish tint lens helps highlight the different contrasts in green colours and enhance visual acuity on the golf course.

Yellow transparent:

Improves contrast, reduces glare, preserves sharpness. High Intensity tint for maximum sight performance during low light driving. Excellent for Night riding, overcast, haze, or fog conditions. The brightness of this lens makes it the choice of many mountain bikers, shooters and cross-country skiers. Yellow enhances contrast by filtering out the somewhat scattered, out-of-focus blue light from the scene. Hunters, pilots, and tennis players find them