Sublime Optics produce the highest quality replacement lenses to suit every taste & performance need. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that every lens is 'Sublime'.

Sublime Protection

With 99.9% UVA, AVB and UVC ultraviolet protection, you have peace of mind that in even the harshest environments you are protected. All Sublime Optics lenses exceed government safety standards in USA ANSI Z80.3-2001, European EN 1836:2005, Australia AS/NZS 1067:2003 and all other international known standards.


Polarized lenses use a special combination of layers that enable glare reduction on reflected surfaces eg water, glass, dashboards etc. Polarized lenses are far more effective at reducing glare since traditionally glare could only be reduced by limiting light. This results in sharp and clear visibility in sunny conditions when wearing polarized lenses

Sublime Safety

Sublime Optics replacement lenses are made from the same material as safety goggles, and bulletproof glass making our lenses virtually shatterproof. They rank in the highest category for safety and pass all relevant tests including The drop ball test (FDA standard 21 CFR 801.410 for lens impact resistance)

Sublime Performance

Sublime Optics replacement lenses are crafted from optically superior ultralight polycarbonate material that is lighter but also 50% stronger than most comparable manufacturers lenses. These lenses give a glass like optical clarity that provides crisp and clear viewing. On the outside, the lenses are coated with a Hydrophobic type (fog, dust and water repellant) coating that makes cleaning fast and easy. During rain, the water beads and is minimized so that your vision is clear when the weather isn’t. Finally on the inside is a Anti reflective coating which reduces annoying reflections on the inside of the lenses. While generally these reflections are subtle, after a day in the sun your eyes will feel less fatigued.

Sublime Durability

Sublime Optics replacement lenses are coated with an anti scratch coating and have been submitted to REAL tests including the industry standard steel wool abrasion testing. Our lenses rank between 7-8 times higher than the lenses found on designer frames that retail for over $200 in the shops!